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United Brethren holds High Holiday services each year. We celebrate Shabbat with one Friday evening service each month. Services use both Hebrew and English prayers and there is much singing and participation by the congregation. During the Saturday morning service, the Torah is read. A Shabbaton, or potluck dinner, often precedes our Friday night service. These dinners, held in the community room downstairs from the sanctuary, give congregants the chance to socialize and unwind from a busy week. Following dinner, we go upstairs to celebrate Shabbat together. Every year we celebrate Hanukkah with a brief service, latke dinner and communal candle lighting. The synagogue also participates in the annual Hebron Thanksgiving interfaith service.

Meet The Cantor


Our spiritual leader is Cantor Diane Maran. Cantor Maran joined us in the fall of 1998. She leads our High Holiday and Shabbat services and participates in Bar and Bat Mitzvah training when needed. Cantor Maran also serves as the Baalat T'fillah at Temple Beth El in New London. 

Cantor Diane Maran
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